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We are a group of young talents from PALESTINE. We are hoping to make a movie that will speak the mind of our generation and that will pave the path into taking PALESTINIAN Cinema out of its comfort zone into the real world of Cinema. 

We want the Palestinian Cinema to be an international movement recognized and respected by people across the world with considerable audience. We want our film, however, to be Palestinian at heart, to give an honest picture about life inside Palestine and tell the stories of people living there.

Proposed PosterThe team of the movie has been chosen on basis of interest in the project with limited stress on previous experience and an emphasis on giving a chance to first-timers, including the production team. We believe every aspiring artist deserves a starting point, those we were convinced may have an excellent potential are now part of our team. The music of the film also plays a central role in setting up the mood and experience. Some of the music scores in the film are the works of local artists; other major and international names in music have graciously agreed to take part in this film.


Our debut project titled No Man’s Land (NML) is an Arabic-language action drama feature film about three brothers following different paths to satisfy their hunger for love, money, and sex; they meet an undercover blogger who claims to be a college student doing research on their refugee camp. His actual identity is questioned when people he talks to start to disappear.

We love our project and we are passionate about it. We believe this is truly the first movie of its kind which touches on subjects that have rarely appeared in Palestinian feature films up till now. We hope you are going to enjoy the film and that this film will only be the starting point for all of us.

The trailer for the film is coming up so stay tuned! We hope that your kind contribution to this project will bring it to life. In order to make a contribution, you may visit:

Thank you!

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