Monday, August 29, 2011

20th Day: On this Eid the PA wishes you a very merry "Statehood"

This morning I received an email from the General Manager at my work wishing everyone a very happy Eid and a prosperous year, short prayer, then all of the above would happen only if the dream of having a free Palestinian State was achieved, with Jerusalem as it's capital, and Mr. Mahmoud Abbas it's president, or so the content and wording of the email suggested.

Of course I had to respond back politely. I intentionally repeated his prayer, but not the last sentence. At heart, I agree that all would happen only if Palestine was free. But I could not afford to be cynical, after all [and not trying to reveal the nature of my quasi-governmental job] I still need my job despite the fact that I work with people who try to make life under occupation more livable. 

My job, which is highly regarded, is also supposed to be one of the most patriotic institutes there are in Palestine. We work with towns and villages across Palestine under a Fayyadist vision of prosperity and good governance, not to fail to mention Foreign Aid. All I could pray for is for stupid to be less stupider with this Eid. 

After the declaration of an independent state of Palestine which will effectively still be under Israel's occupation I will not be losing my job because it will assert the economics of Salam Fayyad on how to build a state with foreign aid, plus 140 tweets on building an economy and state-run institutes without paying a penny nor produce anything in return.

This Eid, the PA wishes you a very merry "Statehood" without which none of your aspirations will come true, especially if Mahmous Abbas was not the president.

Today marks the death of notorious Palestinian cartoonist, Naji al-Ali, whose depiction of a poor undernourished Palestinian refugee kid had become a symbol to all Palestinians. He succumbed to death following an assassination attempt 5 weeks before his death in 1987. The question remains: with less than 20 days left before statehood, aren't we supposed to clean our house before? Isn't the least we could do is expose all of our hidden secrets? Isn't it time to finally come forth with truth about who killed Naji al-Ali? My twitter page saw some heated arguments regarding this issue, which sprung from my conviction that his killer was one of his own. I quoted Dr. Hisham Sharabi who said "History has shown that when liberation movements stifle liberty they become incapable of carrying out the task of liberation" whom I quoted from this article.

I also checked the current moon, it seems like Eid al-Fitr will be tomorrow. Check out for the current moon here.