Sunday, September 4, 2011

14th Day: Comparing PA Bantustans to Tel Aviv Alone

Numbers are interesting.

Ever since I made yesterday's calculations, I've been taken by an obsession with comparing the PA Territories with Tel Aviv.

If  the future Palestinian state was to be compared to Tel Aviv urban area only, we can come up with some very interesting results. Below are columns comparing Tel Aviv to PA Territories as I prefer to call them, which exclude the Gaza Strip. The calculations assume PA Territories [was] a city in its own right. 

What do we learn?

The West Bank, Green is
the PA Country/ Bantustans
The PA Territories which will be included in the Bantustanized-State is almost 0.59% the size of historical Palestine's size. The PA officials have long claimed that they "gave up 78% percent of historical Palestine for peace. The truth is, they gave nearly 99.49% of it for profit.

The PA Territories where the future [bantustanized] state will have a sort of governmental control or more accurately: visual control (because actual control will be left for Israel) is appx. comparable to Tel Aviv's Metro area alone in terms of both size and population, only 10% smaller

The best scenario which the PA can experience would be a complete Israeli withdrawal from Areas B in which case the PA state would be comparable to Tel Aviv's Urban Area, only 10% smaller. 

So far, the Palestinian population under direct and "full" Palestinian control (those living within Area A) does not seem to have a reliable statistics. 

It is now obvious there is not one single reliable source that provides a complete census of the population of the Palestinians whether in the West bank, Israel, Gaza Strip, and in East Jerusalem, nor Jewish population in those areas (Major discrimination were found between various sources that ranged from few hundreds up to a million and more.). Nor does there seem to be a source that gave a single unified estimate for the Area covering historical Palestine without experiencing discrepancies between various data.

Population-wise: It is not clear if the US' claim back in 2005 that Palestinian Arabs have exceeded the number of Israeli Jews in the land of Historical Palestine is still valid. The Numbers seem to be inflated on both sides.

The information was acquired, or calculated, based on data found on, CIA World Fact Book plus other sources, assuming they're the most up-to-date:

Tel Aviv Area PA Territories Area, based on Oslo (Percentage from the West Bank excluding E. Jerusalem, total area 5,640 km2)
- City 51.4 km2
- Urban 176 km2
- Metro 1,516 km2

Appx. Population
- City 404,400
- Urban 1,284,400
- Metro 3,325,700
- Area A (2.7%) 152.2 km2
- Area B (25.1%) 1415.6 km2
- Area C (72.2%) 4,072 km2

Appx. Population
- West Bank (2010) Appx. 2,568,555 (not clear whether this number includes East Jerusalem Palestinians and according the CIA World Fact Book or if Israeli settlers were included, in which case this would bring the number down to 2,097,055 if Israeli settlers were excluded) or 1,714,845 (according to PCBS as of 2010) or 2,345,000 according to Jerusalem Post as of 2010)
Percentage of Tel Aviv Area based on Historic Palestine (total area of 26,920 km2) Percentage of PA Territories based on Historic Palestine (total area of 26,920 km2)
- City (Area A) 0.2%
- Urban (Area B) 0.65%
- Metro (Area C) 5.6%
- Area A (City) 0.56%
- Area B (Urban) 5.25%
- Area C (Metro) 15.1%