Tuesday, August 30, 2011

19th Day: Decadence Served on a Plate

Apart from the Eid al-Fitr today, which was stained by a bleeding Syria, a shameless Bashar al-Assad's appearance at a Mosque for his Eid prayer (apparently, not something he's used to, and Syria's television made a point not to show him bowing his head in prayer, that I am certain did not just come guilelessly) as seven more Syrians were murdered by his thugs; aside from Iran and Shia muslims deciding to delay Eid one more day (in what seemed like a religious response to Sunni muslim's political/ immoral position on Bahrain's assassinated revolution), and a Libya that will be celebrating Eid after everyone goes home and this time not because Gaddafi said so; Also, apart from Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) training an already-too-well-armed Jewish settlers population how to use weapons to face any possible scenarios (i.e. shooting Palestinian demonstrators in case things got bad after September 20th), and apart from Ma'an news agency publishing the opinions of specialists in the field out of which three (3) were pro-UN-Bid vs. only 1 who was anti-UN-Bid, and the Arabic version of Ma'an publishing it's headlines with a shameful title: "Gazans Demand: Don't teach us how to become fishermen, give us salted fish and Ka'ak". Aside from all of that, all was well and dandy.
We had Ka'ak and Ma'moul, was a super delightful day and you know Ramallah? it was dead... dead!

PS: If things got bad, it'll happen at a time when I'm probably not going to be in Palestine. I will look into making a decent escape plan for my parents. I do, feel slightly uneasy, but I am certain things will remain OK.

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