Friday, August 19, 2011

Pre-State Statement: On the 30th Day Towards "Statehood", Gaza bleeds

... Saeb Erekat has spoken, and the nation rejoiced! For he has finally come out on the first pages of all Palestinian Authority-controlled media on August 18th warning the Zionist entity with a firm [verbal] response if they chose to attack Gaza, calling it an irresponsible action, following a deadly attack on a bus in the South of Israel. 

Affirming how the leaks were "slander", not expressive
enough of [a worst] reality.-
[The guardian]
"Israel is the occupying power.” Declared Mr. Erekat, “Under international humanitarian law, it is responsible for the welfare and safety of the Palestinian population living under its occupation,". 

The former chief negotiator in the name of the Palestinians has supposedly stepped down back in January after Aljazeera news channel made public what came to be known as the Palestine Papers which exposed him as a lying sack of shit [of candies] in the way he has literary lived his life to negotiate (confirming the title for his Semi-Autobiography in Arabic “Life is Negotiations”), and after having under-gone a face-blushingly embarrassing near-death experience on live-television on Aljazeera where he foolishly agreed to appear to defend his back-door deals with Israel and the years he bamboozled the Palestinian people into an endless cycle of negotiations that they paid for with their own blood and economic well-fare. 

The former chief negotiator was back, now in full-fledged obnoxiousness, complete with the Palestinian Kaffiyeh and the infamous threatening finger that decorates the iconic portraits of all un-voted for traitors who happened to lead all Third World Countries [and semi-countries] around the World. 

Erekat the Savior, as portrayed on Palestinian Maan-News
complete with a Kaffiyeh and a Finger. The Halo on top of
his head partially visible -
[Maan News Agency]
But I must admit that for months all Palestinian-controlled media had given small doses of Erekat to the public, typically a small unnoticed news excerpt where he just had to appear wearing his Kaffiyeh and making that same finger gesture of strength and dominance for months until the meat was ripe and he was ready to be served on a plate of empty promises. 

The funniest tweet I read on that day came from someone I cannot recall (darn it), but it went something like this: “Erekat is warning Israel against any irresponsible Action in Gaza, or else… he’ll go back to negotiations” (please tweet-mate, if you ever read this provide me with the right tweet!)

Erekat was back, the hero of the Palestine Papers, the same papers that exposed how the PA probably knew about the war on Gaza back in 2009, that same war which resulted with over 1500 deaths amongst civilians and few armed men, yet did nothing to stop it and continued to negotiate their way before and after, because that is what the Palestinian Authority does best: forever negotiating.

Erekat was back when now Israel was making it no secret that it intended to retaliate (collectively punish) the entire Gaza Strip for an attack that was not adopted by any Palestinian faction, much less to be specifically linked to Gaza. 

Was that Erekat's way to apologize to the Strip after having stood in negotiative silence when a war was being planned against it? I ain’t no Conspiracy Theorist, but with only 30 days left until September 20th, I am not sure Israel wanted to lose its favorite chief-negotiator of all time. The one who has given the longest time any Palestinian would have for Israel to expand settlements, practically annex 60 percent of what remained of the West Bank, and the one whose best interest lies in an Israeli-controlled Rafah border in Gaza. 

Israel attacked Gaza again earlier this morning, I followed the tweets of, mostly, cynical Palestinians from Gaza who have grown way too accustomed to living under daily attacks of Israel and F-16 noises breaking the sound barrier. By 5:00 AM, there were six confirmed deaths and over 23 injuries. By the end of the day, there were 15 deaths and over 40 injuries. Once again, praise shall be to the political corruption of men who know they cannot save lives nor stop the blood rollercoaster, yet are in need of making strong statements that help repair their shattered reputation and gain their former spot as… chief negotiators.

With only 30 days left towards "Statehood", Gaza bleeds. 

In order to spare myself the headache of having to explain the September 20th bid (or the so-called September Entitlement) on a bantustanized and much debated PA statehood, please visit Aljazeera for further details:

(or just use your collective-memory and imagination):

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