Friday, September 2, 2011

16th Day: Where did our revolution go wrong?

In a previous post, I argued that Palestine never had a revolution. 

Today I was on my way back from Bethlehem to Ramallah. The radio station the driver was blasting was not a typical pop music station that appeals to young thuggish-styled drivers, nor a Quran station that the more-religious drivers force everyone to listen to. This driver has tuned into a station that played patriotic music. It is now official, the September 20th has really become a patriotic movement amongst little informed Palestinians/ the majority. 

One song in particular which caught my attention was the sweet Wallah Lazra'ak Biddar which is a love song dedicated for a Palestine that was "farmed and made green" for generations by our ancestors. The song declares "From al-Jarmaq (Mount Meron) a Safadi (a person from the ethnically cleansed town of Safad) sings 'Gaza and al-Bireh are home."

History wouldn't have it any other way as Abu Mazen, a Safadi, has declared Gaza and al-Bireh (Where the PA headquarters are located) his only home, not Safad which he now recognizes as part of Israel. 

As I recall the PLO so-called revolution, I wonder how well-forged our history has been. Sometimes it feels as if Palestine's history has been a big conspiracy, a hoax, or merely perfect series of mistakes that go so harmoniously forever towards our demise. Where did we go wrong? Or should I ask: how good have we performed our mistakes to bring us to this state? 

From early on in our modern history we have been committing mistakes, one after the other, as if our leadership cannot perform anything right, but instead has become a perfect sinner. 

I do not like to think of our history as a hoax, but really, has this all been one big hoax? How come the PA is so perfect at riding the waves of revolution and gain all the support when they are completely against it? Why do we as Palestinians support mistakes? Why do we never question our leadership without escaping oppression? Why am I not out on the streets now demanding that not only Gaza and Ramallah, but Safad and Haifa belong to me equally, because history said so, not because the PLO decided it was not anymore. 

After two weeks, I will be called a traitor for not loving the bomb. Until then, please enjoy the very sweet Wallah lazra3ak biddar. 

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